Mannequin showcase and organization

Problems with the mannequin showcase and the organization? Here some secrets:

Target audience

The mannequin showcase should be assembled according to the type of consumer you want to attract. Therefore, it is convenient to analyze the public to offer products that interest customers. However, be objective!


The mannequin showcase is a perfect alternative to make a difference to other entrepreneurs. For the public class C and D, it is important to highlight the price of the product. If the business was addressed to a class A public, the price has a secondary function. However, don’t discriminate! Above all is the costumers.

Choose the products

Always choose the most attractive and motivating purchases in your mannequin display. To make the right selection, look at the products that are best-selling and that indicate the positioning of the store.

Update products in your mannequin showcase

Consumers are increasingly looking for new products. So if the mannequin display case stays the same for a long time, customers are likely to get bored. The more times you change the products displayed in the display case, the more pieces will be known. But, don’t over optimize.

Commercial dates

Take advantage of the main dates to create thematic decorations for your mannequin display case. During these dates it is important to show promotions and discounts. Above all it’s the satisfaction of the client!

Mannequin showcase from outside!


Sideboard showcase

This is a black sideboard display case measuring 104 x 141 cm.
This means that it is a wide showcase and not too high, so we can use the top as a sideboard to place the TV, portrait holder, etc..

It has 2 shelves and, a novelty, sliding glass doors.

This type of showcase is perfect for the living room or bedroom.

Sideboard showcase