Case Study: RSI Visuals

Just about every trade show is designed to showcase the newest technological advances in a certain industry, but nowhere is this more evident than I/ITSEC. Labeling itself as “the world’s largest modeling and training event,” 2019’s I/ITSEC featured more than 400 exhibitors, boasting technologies ranging from medical simulations and disaster planning to the Serious Games competition.
At I/ITSEC 2019, RSi Visuals showed off its state-of-the-art Level D image generation and projection technologies to the nearly 6,000 trade show visitors. And even with a few last-minute changes, Rockway Exhibits + Events helped RSi take its booth to the next level.
Client’s Goals
RSi wanted its 30×30 rental booth to highlight its new Visual Display Systems, as well as provide a semi-private meeting space while maintaining an open and inviting feel.
To help bring their vision to life, Rockway used pedestals for the miniature visual display systems and placed them around the lounging area. This allowed booth visitors to have more in-depth discussions while still keeping these display systems front and center. With lightweight Aluvision frames, push-fit fabric graphics, and sintra graphics, this booth had a clean, streamlined, and modern look that was simple to assemble and disassemble.
From concept to execution, RSi’s exhibit took around three months to complete. RSi was thrilled with the outcome and has already enlisted Rockway to prepare a 20×20 booth rental for another trade show in 2020.
Flexibility and Last-Minute Adjustments
Preparing for trade shows can present unforeseen challenges for exhibit builders and vendors alike. While Rockway and RSi had initially planned for a demonstration of RSi’s full-sized system at I/ITSEC, as the show drew near, RSi was unsure whether its larger visual system would be ready in time.
With this in mind, Rockway had prepared a back-up booth design that was anything but second-rate. By avoiding the potentially show-stopping scenario of a booth without its feature attraction, Rockway provided RSi with peace of mind that the show would go on—and with individual pedestals set up to display smaller visual display systems, this booth still fulfilled RSi’s desire to showcase its state-of-the-art technology.
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