Benefits of using Counter top display cases for pastry

Do you know the true benefits of using?counter top pastry display cases? Here are the most important:


Counter top pastry display cases are fixed, clear display containers used to store your tasty baked goods. Designed for maximum??visibility that ensures that your customers?work up an appetite while they?shop and?choose the exact confection their heart desires.

Preserves Freshness

Countertop pastry display cases are closed off to the outside air. This enables you to preserve the freshness of your baked goods, preventing them from getting stale by sitting out in the air?all day.

This extends their shelf-life, ensuring that the sweets can be purchased right away

Wards off unwanted germs

The closed nature of counter top pastry display cases additionally benefits your business and your customers – it prevents countless hands from touching your baked goods and potentially coating them in hordes of unwanted germs. Namely, in using counter top pastry display cases, you are promoting a cleaner, healthier business and reducing the risk of anyone getting sick from eating your treats.



How to design a display case?

If you wish to custom your designs, contact us, one of our representatives will assist you. We manufacture display cases according to detailed rendered 3D drawings that are forwarded to the customer for prior approval.

All you have to do is have an idea, send us a drawing with size and layout requirements, tell us what color and finishes you want.

We use the most advanced 3D design software available, we will provide you with a fully dimensioned CAD drawing so that you know exactly what your case will look like.

Once the order confirmation and drawings are approved and signed off by the customer the display cases are then manufactured.? And just before shipping, our customers receive photographs of their displays before they leave one of our manufacturing facilities.

Suspended Display cases

Suspended hanging structures can be used at indoor events to draw attention to your exhibition stand space.

Suspended displays can effectively guide customers, highlighting your in-store promotions, and will help you have accessories clearly organized in? your store.

Ceiling suspended displays are available in a choice of sizes and shapes and can be printed with your own, bespoke branding and company information.

You can custom design? your display with accessories and fixtures for all types of hanging displays.

For more information, give us a call!

Pedestal display cases

Pedestal display cases are very popular, due it’s elegant yet modern appearance gives the space a refreshing new look.

Highlight a special item or outstanding piece with a? Pedestal display case. You can choose from different materials and finishes depending on the style you wish to accomplish.

Our modern pedestal showcase can be custom designed according to your needs, customized in their size and shape.For more information, please give us a call!

Showcases for your store

As displaying your showcases take in consideration:

The most essential elements of effective visual merchandising are:
– Balance: Asymmetrical rather than a symmetrical balance with the display.
– Size of objects: Place the largest object on display first.
– Color: Helps set mood and feelings.
– Focal Point: Where product and?props/signage?and background come together.
– Lighting: Should accent focal point, if possible.
– Signage: The one element we often see missed is signage. It can make or break the display.
– Simplicity: Less is more…minimalism is the trend!

You can bring your idea, and we will elaborate a display design for you.

Glass showcases and display cases

When planning a new Glass Showcase or Glass Display case, it is very important to keep the following in mind:
You are selling a product, not showcases. Although a glass display case should look good, the focus should be on the product inside the display case. A simple glass showcase or glass display case with proper lighting is often more effective than an elaborate display case with insufficient lighting. Consider several shelving according to the size of the merchandise and remember you can add locks and security fixtures. For more information contact us!

Mannequin Showcase

Mannequin showcases are the most powerful weapons that will help you make your store more attractive and stand out from the rest.

The mannequin showcase will exhibit your merchandise the right way inviting people into your business and thus have more impact on sales.

All our showcases are manufactured with top quality materials and can be custom made.? Contact us, we can help you find the best design for you.

Museum showcases

Museum showcases are designed to guard objects that require special care due its history or high value.
We have different sizes of museum showcases, and we can custom made one for your needs.
Our Museum showcases are manufactured with reinforced glass and finishes of the best material that’ll keep your exhibits safe, and it’s possible to add all kinds of security, temperature or humidity controls to guarantee the safety of your items.
For more information, contact us, remember, if you can THINK it, we can DESIGN it!

Corner Display Cases

Corner display cases, are excellent choice for distribution ?and ?saving space in your store or home, due they are costumed made, you can include as many shelves as you need, displaying items in an organized way avoiding saturation.

Our Corner display cases are manufactured with high quality materials with?a very good presentation that include beautiful acrylic finishes and a great lighting.

For more information?call us, we’ll be pleased to assist you!

Custom display cases in USA

Custom display cases offer a wide selection of designs. However, contrary to what is believed it is possible to customize each part of it. Our designs are standard but we also offer something extra. From adding more sections to color. The advantage we have against the competition is total satisfaction with your product.
Our custom display cases are made from the best materials. Above all, there is the performance of each of our products. Besides that you can even add LED lights to highlight certain products.

Above all is your satisfaction.

Custom display cabinets