Sideboard showcase

This is a black sideboard display case measuring 104 x 141 cm.
This means that it is a wide showcase and not too high, so we can use the top as a sideboard to place the TV, portrait holder, etc..

It has 2 shelves and, a novelty, sliding glass doors.

This type of showcase is perfect for the living room or bedroom.

Sideboard showcase

The best showcases

In many cases our showcases become the best due to our quality, price and safety.
Nobody offers (in many cases) a guarantee as extended as we do in our showcases.

The complete and total security that you will arrive home with us.
The materials we use are always of the highest quality that we achieve with our suppliers, and if we don’t we will always see that the material is unbeatable.
Our catalogue supports us and your designs are always welcome. That’s why showcases are the best!

If you have a question or you need a price, just contact us!

Victorian showcase

Victorian Showcase

Victorian showcase is called to showcases with this style dated from an entire century.
Characterized by industrialization, Great Britain evolved mainly in terms of architecture and urbanity, so is here where our showcase born.

This showcase is characterized by diverse surfaces, mixing figures such as hexagons, circles and squares.

Above all, the main material they were made of was wood, although today they can even be designed from glass.

We offer these designs for older houses mainly, but, we have many more models. You are sure to find one for you.

Victorian showcase


Information displays

Information display cabinets are ideal for indoor and outdoor communication.

It’s vitally important to have adequate support to achieve the goal of being visible and effective so our display is very important because it’s the space where the people will see our information. They are high quality information and communication supports.

Are very used in public spaces, pavilions, halls and schools.

Some types of information display cabinets are:

  • Sliding showcase for interior: ideal above all for advertisements or reminders .
  • Showcases or mupis for exteriors: they are used more for publicity and announcements so this is a great idea if you want to make you publicity.
  • Mupis for posters: specific advertising of large companies mainly?the two options above.
  • Mupis mural or wall: used to protect canvases or large posters.

Costume Showcases for Army Museums

Costume ShowcasesIn Showcasedepot we have developed a line of costume showcases that has become very popular among the military. Each year we end up manufacturing almost 100 mannequin showcases for the US Army only. These clothing cabinets are sent to various military sites throughout the United States. These units are designed to protect valuable items, such as costumes, from important historical periods. Some of our showcases are located in important museums of military history throughout North America. These showcases are useful for exhibiting other pieces such as military equipment, medals, trophies and pieces of historical value. If you want more information about our showcases, call us, we are here to help you.