How to design a display case?

If you wish to custom your designs, contact us, one of our representatives will assist you. We manufacture display cases according to detailed rendered 3D drawings that are forwarded to the customer for prior approval.

All you have to do is have an idea, send us a drawing with size and layout requirements, tell us what color and finishes you want.

We use the most advanced 3D design software available, we will provide you with a fully dimensioned CAD drawing so that you know exactly what your case will look like.

Once the order confirmation and drawings are approved and signed off by the customer the display cases are then manufactured.? And just before shipping, our customers receive photographs of their displays before they leave one of our manufacturing facilities.

Glass showcases and display cases

When planning a new Glass Showcase or Glass Display case, it is very important to keep the following in mind:
You are selling a product, not showcases. Although a glass display case should look good, the focus should be on the product inside the display case. A simple glass showcase or glass display case with proper lighting is often more effective than an elaborate display case with insufficient lighting. Consider several shelving according to the size of the merchandise and remember you can add locks and security fixtures. For more information contact us!

Custom Display Cases – BEST PRICE GUARANTEED

Doing what you say and keeping your promises is what made us what we are today. Listening, providing advice and producing top product for a good price are the other ingredients we have put into the mix when making our custom display cases. Because of this our customer base? has steadily grown from the single entrepreneur to Fortune 500 companies, University and Colleges, Military and many? other important organizations. We aim to please our clients so the question that remains is: “what can we do for you today besides building the best possible display cases?”

Affordable Display Cases