Museum showcases in conventions!

The museum showcases are perfect for all kinds of events, especially for conventions. Many times we come across situations where many people want to touch all kinds of products. In these cases, the museum showcases are to keep them safe.

Beyond being used in museums, they are also ideal at home for own collections. Within the conventions they can be made mobile. However, care must be taken when moving them. If a very precious object is found inside, it must be well guarded.

Our showcases have an extended warranty, reinforced glass and finishes of the best material. Above all else, there is the safety of your products.

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Museum showcases at expositions

The museum showcases are perfect for exhibitions. In them it is possible to store a whole line or section that is interpreted from the same theme.
Most of them have many showcases of different sizes. In them all kinds of products are stored according to their size.

There are museum showcases for mannequins, in which you can display a line. It can be clothing or representing other cultures.

There are also other types of display cabinets that allow control. It is about temperature and humidity control. These allow the objects inside them to be kept in good condition. However, its main feature is safety.
We have different sizes, but your designs are essential. With your designs it will be easier to choose the works for the exhibition.

We have a lot of options for you, just contact us for more! And, remember above all it’s your satisfaction!

Museum showcases and big business

Museum showcases will keep your exhibits safe. It’s possible to add all kinds of security, temperature or humidity controls.

Our museum showcases have different finishes. Among them are wood, aluminum and metal.
In addition to all of this, security controls will be established by you. The temperature control will be regulated and these showcases can be vacuum sealed.

Above all it’s the satisfaction of your costumers. However, the size will be determinate by you and your needs!

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Museum showcases for great museums

Museum showcases are a difficult subject to talk about. Most of them are the same as any other business.
However, their conditions are very different and in some cases the objects require special care.

In addition to our extended warranty, we have several types of showcases:

  • Conditioned museum showcases. In this type of equipment it will be normal to have a temperature control. Although you will choose that. You can also have external security control and different types of glass.
  • Air-conditioned showcases. These are special for museums in very extreme hot climates, will have low temperature.
  • Security showcases. Ideal for precious objects or gems on display of high value. They have panic button and security alarm.

We have all types of showcases, just contact us. Above all it’s your satisfaction.

One type of museum showcases


The economy is on the rise and the way we can tell is by the increased interest in jewelry and perfume glass display cases and showcases. Apparently there is discretionary spending power diverted to the luxury goods department. So the entrepreneur who is ready and ahead of the pack, can gain a significant advantage. Customers are to be seduced with nice display cases of the finest and that’s where we come in. Our catalogs of the? are filled with suitable fully customizable glass display case designs. And for those that want “something completely different” we design just that. So if you are in the jewelry or perfume business, now is the time to invest in some brand new custom designed glass display cabinets. Get in touch and find out what we can do.


Our company Showcase Depot is well known for inventing new display case designs, ?but also redesigning excisting models.

Some examples of these kinds of glass showcases are listed below.

Hexagonal Glass Showcases
Octagon Display Cases

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New Display Case Designs