Showcases for your store

As displaying your showcases take in consideration:

The most essential elements of effective visual merchandising are:
– Balance: Asymmetrical rather than a symmetrical balance with the display.
– Size of objects: Place the largest object on display first.
– Color: Helps set mood and feelings.
– Focal Point: Where product and?props/signage?and background come together.
– Lighting: Should accent focal point, if possible.
– Signage: The one element we often see missed is signage. It can make or break the display.
– Simplicity: Less is more…minimalism is the trend!

You can bring your idea, and we will elaborate a display design for you.

Glass showcases and display cases

When planning a new Glass Showcase or Glass Display case, it is very important to keep the following in mind:
You are selling a product, not showcases. Although a glass display case should look good, the focus should be on the product inside the display case. A simple glass showcase or glass display case with proper lighting is often more effective than an elaborate display case with insufficient lighting. Consider several shelving according to the size of the merchandise and remember you can add locks and security fixtures. For more information contact us!

Small showcases in Dallas

Small showcases These showcases are ideal for displaying small items. From diamonds to watches. In this type of display case, any type of object can be displayed. Sometimes we need a cabinet that fits in a small space in our store or simply a place for special products. Within this classification of showcases we have the pedestal showcases, the portable showcases, the counter showcases and the top counter showcases. All are manufactured under the strictest quality standards to guarantee your satisfaction. If you want information of any of our showcases, call us, we will assist you gladly.

Incredible Display Showcases

To have incredible looking display showcases does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. At Showcase Depot we are extremely proud to announce that we have hired 2 more permanent people that will be working in the designs and marketing department with the SOLE focus on the design and manufacturing of HIGH QUALITY cheap display cases that are build to last. For more information about our economy line and standard line of display cases, please contact.

Below are a few examples of some of our glass showcases we have manufactured recently.

Change your Showcases and Display Cases

If you have a fashion store you will know that it is always good to change the look of the store so often. That’s why today we bring you some ideas of showcases and display cases to organize garments in a clothing store.

The visual order is something that requires strategy and also allows you to renew your showcases and display cases, create attraction at the moment of sale. The seasons are long, long months that create a habit in sight and we end up boring, ourselves and our customers, so it is good to create changes not only seasonly.

To organize the clothes in a fashion store we need to analyze our furniture, our space, and see if we need a new showcase or remove any that is left over.

Therefore, the keys to organizing garments in a clothing store are:

  1. Few elements favor the visibility of products that will be more successful.
  2. Combine colors wisely and effectively.
  3. Place complements next to the clothes to help our customers to have a global vision.
  4. And above all, have fun creating the new look. Making and remaking, designing combinations and changing our workspace!

If you are looking for other showcases or display cases for your business, contact us, we are your best option.