Wall display cases in USA

Wall display cases are of great importance for small premises. Comics and music tend to have them more than anything else.

In this display cases it is possible to store from small figures to nibs or autographs. However, they are often misused. The main misuse is in boutiques, where they put accessories and never fill the spaces. Another is the one of the figures that although it looks good are not usually aesthetic due to the lack of proportions.

In addition to all this, the wall showcases usually have different finishes. They can vary from aluminium corners to wooden and glass shelves.
But, let’s not forget their reinforced metal brackets that will make your wall display cases safe.

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Wall display cases in USA


With a selection of wall mounted display cases that is the largest in the industry.? Our specialty is the design and manufacturing of wall mounted showcases, suspended display cabinets and standard wall free standing glass vitrines.

Some of these designs are listed below for you to review.? If you wish to see more, please contact one of our sales representatives by phone or email and they will forward you the catalog of your choice.

Wall Mounted Display Cabinets
Wall Mounted Showcases

VEVE-M048.1-A VEVE-M045.1-A VEVE-M043.1-A VEVE-M040.0-A VEVE-M033.1-A

Wall Mounted Display Cases